I believe in letting actions speak for themselves when it comes to real life and our decisions. I think there’s a special power in the way we present ourselves, instead of talking about ourselves. With that being said, I think this rule applies to programming languages as well.

We could write an entire article trying to show and prove the power of C++ languages. But what’s the point? Showing you some of the most popular C++ written apps is going to be much more effective to give you a sense of abilities this language has. So here’s the list of the best projects developed in C++.

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

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Photoshop is one of the most popular and advanced graphics editor. It has been on a market since 1988 and has changed a lot since then. It allows editing images in multiple layers and basically allows you to do anything to a picture in there. This app pretty much changed the game in photos editing and is still one of the best ones to work with. C++ works very well for that type of advanced apps. It is extremely fast and is able to perform very well even when managing a lot of data.


Spotify – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

One of the most popular audio streaming apps has a back-end written in C++. Sounds powerful, doesn’t it? Well, cause it is. Spotify manages an enormous amount of data and C++ makes it all possible and smooth. Moreover, they used a very popular Qt framework on Linux app. Spotify provides access to over 40 million different audio tracks with over 207 million active users. Almost 100 million of them are paying subscribers. Sounds like one hell of a business to me.


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YouTube is written in a few different languages However, C++ was used for the most important and core function of this app – video processing. Managing this many data is extremely difficult when your site has approximately between 1 to 2 billion monthly users. I think it speaks for itself. C++ is a secret weapon of the biggest companies in the world. And I think we can even say that they’re so successful because of C++.


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The biggest online marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon started as a book selling online store and now it is much more than that. It’s a technology brand focused on Artificial Intelligence and much more. Some of very popular Amazon products like Alexa are revolutionizing customer electronics and making a real impact in a tech world. As you can imagine Amazon is managing a huge amount of data every second. Huge enterprises usually have multiple different languages used, Amazon is not different in this case. Amazon was primarily written in C++. However the architecture has changed over the years. Now C++ is mainly responsible for processing requests.

Windows OS

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C++ is used is a lot of operating systems (Mac OS and Linux as well). Windows OS is a mix of C and C++. Creating a whole operating system seems like an abstract but there are people that has done it. What’s even more important for us? They used C++. Every example is huge and impressive but this one is one of the biggest ones for me. If that doesn’t show the power of C++, I don’t know what does.

Microsoft Office

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Microsoft products like Word, Excel, Powerpoint have been written in both C and C++. There’s not much to say since I’m pretty sure everyone used it at least once in their life. This service has made a huge impact on the way Internet has been evolving. Microsoft showed a user-friendly tools that became a new standard of functionality.


Plik:Google 2015 logo.svg – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Google search was primarily written in Java and Python. However, they have made some changes and now Google is a mix of those and also C and C++. They also use their own languages and frameworks. Google Chrome browser is also written in C++, Assembly and Python. It’s currently the most popular browser in the world with between 60 to 70% usage share. Many Google tools is based on C++ (for example Google Earth).


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An open-source database management system used by huge corporations like Tesla, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many more. It’s written in both C and C++ and is one of the most popular databases in the world.

Mozilla Firefox

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Yet another Internet browser written in C++. This language is very commonly used for browser development. As we mentioned before, Google Chrome is also written in C++. As well as Safari and a few more browsers out there. Moreover, Mozilla Firefox is also an open source project so it is very transparent. You can see the source code and how it was made.


Plik:Bloomberg logo.svg – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Last but not least, we have a financial, media company that provides many services like television network, wire service, news website and many more. They manage a huge amount of data and decided to use C++ for it.


I hope this list gave you a sense of possibilities that C++ gives. Perhaps, it even helped you make a decision whether or not it’s a good choice for your project. If you have any questions about your next project or consider developing in C++ feel free to contact us. 

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