Digital Mirror for Trade Fairs

Create an experience your potential clients won’t be able to forget
using Artificial Intelligence and AR.



  • AR
  • Digital Signage
  • MVP

What is Digital Mirror?

The power of AI locked in a screen 

Digital Mirror is technological solution that combines three main elements together:

– Monitor

– Camera

– Augmented Reality software

It connects the view from the camera with the pre-made AR visuals giving us a unique user experience.

This solution is often used in retail to enhance customer experience. However, we can see more industries profiting from this technology usage. For example, for booth stands at the trade fairs.

What were the project requirements?

On time, on budget and highly effective


Our client decided to up their marketing game by using Digital Mirror to attract potential clients to their booth stand at the trade show.

The goal was to develop the MVP version of the product to bring a lot of attention and increase brand recognition.

What was the challenge?

The most important part of the MVP was its performance


The main challenge was the computer that the application had to run on. Because the whole device has consisted of two LED tv’s and the camera live-recording an image, we had to focus a lot on optimization.

The recording process was put into a separate thread to ensure a stability of the whole app.

We also added a supervisor module to prevent the app crash.

    What was the result?

    Competitive advantage at the Trade Fairs


    The project turned out to be a huge success for our client. Digital Mirror made the whole booth stand out and increased the number of people wanting to talk to the company.

    Another successful part of this project was the overall communication and the project management which made the whole process smooth and very fulfilling.

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