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CMS for Passenger Information in Public Transportation



The first challenge we had to face was preparing detailed documentation for this project. It was a new project that didn’t have any specification at that point. Moreover, we had to keep in mind that the displays we’ll be working on have limited capabilities.



We developed Content Management System that was able to display passenger information remotely on unlimited number on displays at the same time. Moreover, WYSIWYG content editor allows changing the visuals using Drag and Drop technique. Because these pre-made components are connected to database they can be visually changed while still displaying dynamic information.



Thanks to this project, our client was able to limit the number of queries from its customers. It allowed them to minimize costs for customers service and maximize the independence of its clients.

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Cameras connected


Cost reduction


Monitoring System for Public Transportation



The application needed to be optimized due to processors, memory and system limits. An old version was able to connect to only 10 to 12 cameras on maximum usage of resources. The whole system needed to be updated including libraries.  



We updated the whole application and created a modular version of the recorder. After eliminating bugs from the old version and updating libraries we were able to maximize the efficiency of the system. Moreover, an important goal for this project was to enable further scalability of the app. 

We used QML instead of previously used widgets and undated gstreamer and QT.



Previously unstable application became extremely reliable and able to record from over 30 cameras. Even on maximum load, the application was using not more than 50% of its resources. 

We implemented H.264 and H.265 codec support. Moreover, we added a record ordering functionality that allowed visualizing a recorded stream on any depot. 

Recorder can recover a broken stream. 


Hard drives




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