Product configurator for B2B heating company


Product configurator project for automation of the ordering, verification and preparation process.



  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Product configuration
  • Ordering process automation

About the client

Radiator manufacturer


Terma offers 115 models of radiators and dozens of immersion heaters that can be configured in millions of ways. The company is a renown manufacturer and their products are popular internationally.

The innovative approach to product design and their focus on client interaction is what makes them stand out from their competitors.

What were their needs?

Ordering process automation using product configurator


Digital transformation is one of Terma’s strategic goals. For years, they’ve been working on advancing their business processes.One of the new solutions Terma wanted to implement was B2B product configurator.

The goal was to automate custom ordering process from e-mail communication to the fully automatic online product configurator. The company also wanted to adjust their manufacturing process to eliminate waste of product.

What were the main requirements?

Milestones that determined the success of the project


We were responsible for four main modules:

  • Developing front-end for product configurator in Angular
  • Creating API for communication with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Drupal
  • Creating image service for dynamic generation of product configurator visuals

What was the result?

Enabling remote display management and
content edition


We were able to transform an old complicated production process to an automated system using digitized product configurator.

Terma has achieved its business goals and will derive tangible benefits from it. 

  • The company’s full product offer is available on one platform
  • Integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and e-commerce systems
  • Automatic validation of the correctness of the product configuration by the application

and more.



Process flow diagram



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