You might be surprised how many apps is written in Angular. Here’s our list of the best ones that you must have heard about and probably use on a daily basis. 

Is Angular The Right Choice For My Next Project?

In one of our first articles on our blog section we compared two of very popular JavaScript frameworks Angular and Vue.js. We showed you their pros and cons, which one is better to choose for a simple site and which one has a better performance when doing more advanced apps. It’s important to understand how these frameworks work before deciding on choosing one of them. If you’re still hesitated, I recommend reading:

Assuming you choose to go with Angular for your project, we prepared for you a list of (in our opinion) the coolest and most interesting apps. They all have been developed with a help of Angular framework. Therefore, you can see what types of projects can be done with it. A who knows, maybe your project will be as successful as these are.

Made in Angular


The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - Tidal

Tidal is a popular streaming platform that allows listening to music, watching music videos and live streams from concerts. Its presentation layer was created using Angular. You can yourself create a streaming app that might compete with giants on the market. If you’re thinking about developing a streaming app – you might easily go for Angular. Try Tidal out, see if you like how it works – and who knows, maybe soon you’ll be an owner of a streaming app yourself.

Xbox Live

The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - xbox live


Another really cool example of Angular abilities is Xbox Live app. It’s an online multiplayer gaming service that is operated by Microsoft. It offers a lot of different online games (and much more) both free and premium. As you can see, Angular allows developing pretty advanced apps that are actually really popular. If you’re looking for a framework to develop your new product that has to be designed to be customer friendly – Angular is definitely able to pull it off.

YouTube TV

The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - youtube-tv

YouTube TV is Google’s response to growing popularity of Netflix. It’s a commercial streaming platform that has more than 60 TV networks available via Internet. The difference between Netflix and YouTube TV is that YT allows watching regular stations like ABC, NBC and others. It has launched in 2017 but it has already reached most of USA households. It’s simply because it’s the future of traditional TV.

YouTube App for PlayStation

The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - youtube app for playstation


Staying with YouTube for a second we have their another Angular project. This time it’s YouTube app for PlayStation. I think it’s fair to say that even Google loves Angular. After all it’s supported by them. At this point we can say that Angular works very well as a framework for streaming platforms. So you’re definitely not risking anything choosing is as well.


The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform that connects businesses and helps them collaborate. If you’re often looking for freelancers, you’ve probably heard about this website/app. Feel free to check it out, maybe register and find out by yourself if that type of front-end is meeting your expectations.

Moreover, it’s a really good website to post your project description and find programmers to develop it.


The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - forbes

Angular allows not only creating desktop apps, but also websites like Forbes Magazine for instance. As you probably know, it’s one of the most viewed business websites in the world and an extremely good one. Perhaps your business needs a new website made in Angular and it will be as big as Forbes.

The Weather Channel

The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - the weather channel

The Weather Channel website was also made in Angular. I think it’s fair to say that it’s the most popular weather site. It shows not only the temperature around the world but it also has a satellite view, plenty of articles and much more. Look it up and make your own opinion on it.


The Coolest Apps You Didn't Know Were Written In Angular - paypal

If you have ever purchased anything online you know what PayPal is. It’s an online payments system that allows money transfer all over the world. It allows customers sending, receiving and holding funds in 25 currencies. Moreover, it operates on 202 markets and has 254 million active accounts. So there’s definitely a change that you have a PayPal account as well.

Is It The Framework For Your Project?

I hope that these really cool examples of Angular projects helped you make your decision. Maybe even, gave you a new idea for yet another project. However, don’t forget that Angular is a front-end framework. It’s all about the presentation layer. Don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be a commercial app. You might want to use it as a framework for your business app.

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