Self-service stations have been a big trend for a few years now. We can notice a lot more companies implementing this type of solution to drive businesses towards a more technologically advanced future. We want to show you how you to remotely manage vending machines and POS to minimize maintenance costs. 

Vending machines, Kiosks and POS’s


Traditional vending machines have been around for quite some time already. It’s not a new solution, however we can definitely see a lot of new modern features. For example, we can now pay by card in almost every machine. 

Besides traditional vending machines there’s a big trend for Kiosks – self-service (POS) stations in stores, cinemas or public transportation. Businesses invest in them to maximize the number of sales channels and transform sales processes into more automatic and digital solutions. 

With the new solutions comes a lot of new challenges. Companies benefit a lot from implementing this type of solutions but now we have to focus on the proper management process of these devices. That’s why in today’s article, we will focus on how to manage vending machines remotely.


Industries that can benefit from remote POS kiosks stations


Surprisingly, there’s a lot of industries that implement remote POS stations and it’s not only retail. The power lays in innovative approach that others might not even consider an option. 

How to Manage Vending Machines Remotely? – POS, Kiosks, Digital Totems


Ticket vending machines have become the main point to buy transportation tickets. We have them now, not only next to the bus stops, but also in most of the vehicles. Another solution is a parking meter. 



The first place that comes into mind when we mention self-service is a store. So many brands have already implemented self-service POS’s in their stores. However, we’re still waiting for the version of this solution in clothing stores. So far we can get groceries, books or buy cosmetics but which brand will be the first to implement self-service for clothes on a mass scale? 


Food industry

McDonald’s is the first brand that usually comes to mind when we think about self-service kiosks. They’ve made it popular for this industry and many of their competitors followed right after them. Now it’s being implemented even in smaller restaurants or cafes. 



Cinemas, sports games, concerts or expos – kiosks and digital totems are everywhere. We  can buy tickets, book a seat or have a business matching application. It’s all possible thanks to standalone vending stations. 

There’s a lot more possible solutions for variety of industries but these are definitely the most popular ones that surround us everyday.



We obviously need to mention hospitality. Places like hotels, travel agencies and airports implement a lot of kiosks in their facilities. It improves customer experience and reduces staff involvement in the customer service.


Software for managing vending machines and POS remotely 


Offering vending machines or point of sale (POS) devices is a very specific niche of the B2B business. It requires a very complex software system that can manage multiple clients, their ticket requests and the maintenance of the devices. Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies we can now remotely manage vending machines and access all of the important information about them.

WYSIWYG visual editor for display

Web application for remote device management can be a great complementary product for your vending machines/POS offer. Most businesses prioritize easy access to data and management tools when making a purchase like that. 


Complementary software for device management


Provide your client with a tailored software solution dedicated to managing the devices. It will increase the value of your service and significantly improve clients satisfaction

One of the biggest issues for businesses who sell through POS is the lack of a unified management system. Very often these companies need to partner with multiple vendors to be able to distribute their products in different locations. It’s an opportunity to develop a new solution that will ensure the market advantage and new deals.

Ticket vending machine and remote management system - Casse study

Most popular features available in a remote management panel


We can truly see the importance of a management software when we focus on understanding the main features it provides us with. Here’s some of the main once that are universal no matter what the specifics of the solution is: 


– Maintenance management 


Most POS devices need to be able to print receipts or give change. This automatically creates a need for systematic maintenance like changing paper, emptying up the coin hoppers or adding more change etc. The moment these devices are out of the resources, they’re useless and the company can’t profit from it until the issue will be fixed. 

Having a real-time access to the information about the levels of the most important resources will eliminate situations when the machine is out of use. The system can also predict the estimated time of the necessary maintenance visit to help you manage all of the devices. 


– Processing sales


Another big feature that is essential for any type of POS is processing sales. Companies need to be able to account for all sales that have been made through the device. Having a safe system that will account for every single purchase, collect these information and generate sales reports is crucial to effectively manage these machines. 

We can adjust the form of sales reports based on different variables like type of the product, date, time or location. This deep analysis allows us to implement changes based on the actual data and maximize sales.


– Early failure detection 


It’s difficult to know when the device is going to need some sort of repair. However, we can prepare ourselves for this scenario when we have a remote vending machine management system.  

The system can detect a possible error, analyze it and recommend certain repair actions. By doing so, we can maximize the uptime of the devices. Many of the errors might be resolved by remote repair which will reduce the maintenance costs.


– Visual customization 


A great feature or vending machines management system is visual editor. It’s especially practical when the software is a complementary product for a dedicated machine. Different clients can adjust the user interface to their branding and corporate identity.

Drag & drop type of editors are the best form of customization since they don’t require any programming skills. It also gives the user the independence in managing their own system.


– Remote offer management 


In most cases companies change their offer every now and then. This means that the vending machine also needs to be updated. By allowing a remote offer management we can easily change the available products or services, update the pricing and even create special discounts or holiday-type offers.


– Remote updates


Every system and every device needs to be updated frequently. Without a remote management system, every single device would have to be updated by inserting a USB flash drive with an updated software.

 Luckily, managing vending machines remotely also includes the remote updates. All devices can be updated at the same time with just one click on the app.


– Log info & Security


Last but certainly not least, we have login info and security. It’s important for every point of sale to be secure and prepared for any unwanted situation

Management software is responsible not only for device management but also the security. The system accounts for every log that’s been mate on the device, the actions that’ve been made and even information about locked doors and emptied coin hoopers. All to ensure maximum security.




Vending machines, kiosks, Point of Sales are definitely a trend that will stay with us for a long time. It’s only going to grow and expand to more industries and find new innovative solutions. That’s why it’s so important to consider all options to improve their management

If you’re interested in learning more about how to manage vending machines remotely make sure to contact BoostHigh for a one-on-one conversation. We’ll gladly discuss your specific situation and recommend the best solution.

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