Smart Home Trends are changing very rapidly. Yesterday we had control panels, today we have voice assistants and phone apps. Because these changes are so frequent, we wanted to take a look at what is really popular in 2019. Here are the results:

What is Smart Home?

We’ve talked a little bit about Smart Home in some of our articles about Internet of Things. However, in case you’ve missed it you can catch up by clicking on those links:

Long story short, Smart Home is a home setup that allows remote control over devices and any other system connected through Internet. It’s mainly focused on maximizing the efficiency of resources and making homes more eco-friendly. However, implementing smart solutions is also a great way to modernize buildings and make them packed with cool gadgets.

What’s on the agenda?

  • Smart Home Device Installed Base
  • Controlling Devices From the App on The Phone
  • Smart Home Devices That Increase Security
  • Personal Voice Assistant
  • Entertainment Devices as a Smart Home Trend
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Future Smart Home Trends
Total smart home device installed base

Smart Home market is growing every year and it will continue to do so. Business Insider presented data showing numbers of devices installed in US home as well as its estimated growth in the next few years.

  • Controlling Devices From the App on The Phone

Smart Home Trends For 2019 - Nest . App that allows you to control temperature in your home

We’ve seen thermostats on walls, move detecting lamps and button activated blinds. But that’s history now. All Smart Home Trends for 2019 are in the most important device people use – their phones. All of the main features in homes can be controlled from the simple app on the phone.

However in 2019 we focus not only on controlling those systems. Instead we navigate them by creating scenarios. For example, we can create a scenario where we want to adjust the home for the purpose watching TV. With a simple click on the phone we can turn the lights off, scroll some blinds down and make it perfect to watch a movie.

We can create different scenarios for many different events like leaving home, going to bed or even organizing a party.

Soon enough those devices will be able to learn from our habits and adjust those scenarios using Machine Learning and AI.

  • Smart Home Devices That Increase Security

Smart Home Trends 2019 - security. Smart Door lock with fingerprint scanner

Smart Home Trends for 2019 are not only focused on making our lives easier but also safer. With the help of Technology we can make our homes safer than ever. It’s becoming extremely popular to install smart cameras that once again can be connected to our phones.

But it’s much more than that. We can also implement systems that will warn us about potential thefts, flooding and perform certain actions to avoid it. For instance, when sensors detect a potential flooding happening it can automatically turn the valve to shut the water off. It prevents water from expanding more.

When talking about home security we cannot forget about controlling gates and garage doors. There’s a lot of IoT systems that allow us to secure homes even better. There’s definitely a strong trend of smart door locks and doorbells that are using cameras. Moreover, we can also have it all connected and available on our phones.

  • Personal Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant is the biggest smart home trend of 2019. With the help of Alexa or Google assistant we can make a home react to your voice. Turning the music on is one of the most common examples of using voice assistant.

But let’s not forget that it’s only a small part of what it actually is capable of. Everything I talked about previously can be managed with our voice. More and more companies implements voice recognition in their products.  We are talking about voice activated coffee makers, controlling lights and our TV even without our phone. Which is a crazy thing to say considering that even those solutions are still new.

Voice assistant - market size by 2023

Source: NBC29

Global Voice Assistant market is set to grow up to 7.8 billion by 2023.

  • Entertainment Devices as a Smart Home Trend

Another really cool advantage of having a smart home is the fact that all of its solutions are very entertaining. We can play the music with our voices or even make the music follow our steps.

For instance, we can install smart speakers in every room in the home and navigate the sound depending on the direction we’re going in.

TV can be controlled with our gestures so it’s only a matter of time before brands like PlayStation or xbox will become strictly service-based companies with paid subscription like Netflix etc.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Smart Home trends for 2019 - environmental sustainability

Another big part of Smart Homes and the reason why it’s so important to implement those solutions is environmental sustainability. We use almost twice as much Earth resources as it is able to regenerate in a year.

This brings us back to the importance of Smart Homes. With the help of IoT solutions and renewable energies we can limit the negative effects we’ve created.

These solutions are cost effective, help us limit our usage of resources and help save the planet at the same time. We can control utilities, water usage, energy usage and optimize it  in the way that affects environment as little as possible.

Future Smart Home Trends

Because Tech industry is changing so rapidly so are the Smart Home Trends. We are pretty sure that the next year will be a lot more focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and being even more smart. It will take some time before these solution become a standard in every home but it’s definitely the direction they’re going in.

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