Internet of Things solutions have become one of the key factors of business growth. We prepared a list of 10 issues you can solve using Internet of Things.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is a concept of creating a network of devices to allow communication between them. Connected devices can exchange data and automatically perform planned actions. It’s a very mysterious therm that is hard to explain without an example. I recommend going back to my previous article to find out more:

All you need to know about IoT before starting your project

It will be the perfect base of knowledge and examples to come back with for this article.

You will find out how thanks to IoT you can get rid of 10 of the most popular both business and everyday issues. We’ll tell you how you can get get rid of:
  1. Bad Time Management
  2. Unreliability
  3. Resources wastement
  4. Unused Space
  5. Bad quality of Service
  6. Lack of Safety
  7. Lack of ecological practice
  8. Bad Quality of Life
  9. Lack of product innovation
  10. Too much expenditures
How useful can be Internet of Things for your industry?

How Useful Is IoT for Your Industry

source: Internet of Things Heat Report 2018

1. Better Time Management

As you know from the previous article, Internet of Things is an extremely wide concept that has a lot of different capabilities. One of them is ability to better your time management using smart technology. Thanks to systems automation you can limit human interaction in most of business processes. IoT devices can be programmed to work independently without the need to be controlled. Your whole production process can be fully automatic. This gives both you and your employees more time to take care of other things.

2. Maximize The Runtime Thanks to Internet of Things

IoT devices are known for maximizing their runtime by being able to analyze data by themselves and sending warnings about abnormalities. Moreover, they can often even eliminate those errors by themselves. It maximizes reliability and efficiency. Great example of it is a solar panels field. A very common issue with solar panels is that it’s difficult to know when some errors occurs. On the huge fields there’s no way to check every panel in terms of efficiency and condition. Thanks to Internet of Things technology we can connect those panels to a network and use a screen to send informations about current conditions and errors. That way, every abnormality will be instantly reported and maybe even fixed.

3. Manage Your Resources More Efficiently

We can often see an extensive resources waste in a food industry. It’s difficult to predict how much of the product will be needed to serve a restaurant for a day or how much items will be needed in the store for 3 months to maximize the profit and minimize the loss. Internet of Things comes useful in those situations. To eliminate this issue we can program an app that will analyze given data and estimate the number of needed products. Moreover, thanks to Artificial Intelligence this app could keep up with every change of the pattern. As we know, a lot of the things has an impact on the sale. This app could potentially even check the weather or an upcoming events to estimate the traffic that day. Internet of Things is definitely finding its usage in the food industry.

4. Optimize Space Exploitation

Internet of Things can find its use not only in business processes, it’s amazing for implementing innovation in the cities. We all probably have seen those counters that show the number of available parking places in a center of a city that is never accurate. Some of them don’t even show the number, they just estimate whether there’s a small, medium or high traffic. Using IoT based sensors can create a map of available parking spots and show the exact location on the screen. City can even build an app that will allow citizens access those informations from a phone or a GPS and navigate them directly to the free spot. But it’s not only about the parking spots. That type of sensors can be also used in your warehouse to maximize space usage or allow you locating all of its content.

5. Better The Quality Of Your Service

Using innovative IoT devices in your business can improve the experience your customers have. For instance, our lives would be so much less stressful if the airports would use beacons to locate our luggage. There would be no stickers that show destination. Instead, every information about the luggage would be stored in beacons. Maybe even we would have access to the info about our luggage. We could double check and be sure our belongings are on the same plane that we are. But it’s not only about tracking your luggage. Everything is stressful when it comes to airports. Beacons can also be used to navigate passengers to the right gate, send push notifications about all changes in the schedule or even send personal discount coupons for passengers waiting on a delayed flight. The possibilities are endless – and not only for airports.

6. Increase Safety In Your Workplace

It’s extremely important to use IoT not only for profit purposes but also as a way to improve working conditions for your employees. A perfect example of solving the issue of safety is using beacons on a construction site. Usually to mark dangerous spots companies use a regular black and yellow tape with CAUTION written on it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t prevent accidents. They are extremely dangerous especially on the construction site. However, with a simple use of beacons and obligatory helmets we can create a map of dangerous places and warn builders whenever they’re approaching a risky territory. Simple sensors installed inside those helmet can prevent someone from an accident and the company from huge consequences.

7. Implement Ecological Practices To Your Business And Life

It’s crucial to lead your business within the concept of sustainable development. The world is using way too much of its resources. Because of it, there are great consequences waiting for our future descendants. A single person can’t change the worlds practices but it can at least try to minimize its impact of this issue. Smart technologies allow us to optimize natural resources usage. Thanks to IoT devices we can minimize power usage by implementing smart heating system that turns off when there’s no residents inside. You can do the same and much more in your business facility. Moreover, a concept of a smart city is being implemented in many cities all over the world. People use IoT to control garbage pickup or to optimize the lightning system in the city. There’s many ways IoT can become helpful for ecology.

8. Better The Quality Of Your Life

You don’t have to limit yourself to using Internet of Things concept only in your business. IoT is very popularized in homes as well. Our homes slowly transform into small data factories. We can control our devices from our phones. Soon enough even a fingerprint door lock will be a norm. It sounds very mysterious but it really is not that futuristic. Many people with gardens have smart watering systems installed to take care of the grass. There’s no need to stand for an hour with a garden hose and water your plants. An IoT system does that for you. It turns on and off by itself so you don’t have to even think about it. That’s an example that’s already very popular but there’s many more devices that can better the quality of your life.

9. Be The Symbol Of Innovation

Having a business in very challenging. You have to constantly try to be one step ahead of your competition. It’s a constant battle for dominance and competitive advantage. That’s why it is so important for you to be the face of innovation. You need to lead your customers to the future of your products. There’s a very thin line between being on top and losing your chance to exist completely. The future of your company lays in your ability to transform your vision into reality. There should never be a moment when you say that your product is enough the way it is and there’s nothing to make it better. Because the moment you say that, your competition is already one step ahead of you. So lead the innovation in your company and let it speak for itself.

10. Maximize Your Profit

Last but definitely not least, each and every one of the issues and solutions pointed out above are not only making your business function better, they MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT. You don’t spend your money on IoT – you invest it. And they come back to you sooner than you think. If you think that this concept is not something you can allow yourself to spend that much money on – I recommend considering outsourcing. It delivers your idea for minimal price possible. If you’re not sure if that’s something that would work for your business, I advise reading those articles:

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