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We deliver high quality software for your products in C++ technology. Our team uses cutting-edge solutions to ensure the success of each project.

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Why choose C++ technology?

Technology providing speed and efficiency

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that tops most programming languages in the speed and efficiency.

Applications written in C++ run a lot smoother on devices limited in capability. Moreover, they’re reliable and fast.

Industry verticals

C++ Embedded Software Development

We develop dedicated systems for your devices using C++ technology. Our engineering background allows us to understand the issue and find the right solution.

C++ Mobile Software Development

C++ works wonders for advanced desktop applications. It’s one of the best technologies to ensure the speed of application and its efficiency.

C++ Library Development

The team writes a dedicated library to improve the product performance and add new functionalities.

C++ Desktop Software Development

C++ works wonders for advanced desktop applications. It’s one of the best technologies to ensure the speed of application and its efficiency.

C++ Server-side Services

We develop single services that run as microservices. It often helps with the better performance of the entire application.

C++ Device Drivers Development

We develop custom drivers to support your hardware and deliver all required features to your project.

We support


Linux, Ubuntu, Centos, Android, MacOS, iOS.


IP cameras, microphones, e-paper  displays, single board computers, SoC, touch screens, NFC readers, EMV cards.

Frameworks & Libraries

QT, Gstreamer, STL, POSIX, OpenGL, libssh, UDEV, Boost


PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB and other.


HTTP, FTP, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, MQTT, RTSP, SNMP and other. 

Web Services


Why choose BoostHigh?

Team of experienced enginners

B80% of our employees graduated from university with industry relevance

Flexible partnership

We deliver full projects, upgrade already existing app or become an extension of your team depending on your needs.

Dedication and Proactivity

BoostHigh team is full of ideas and possible solutions that will make your project the best it can be.

Great communication

One of the things our clients appreciate about partnering with us the most is our communication strategy.

Surveillance system software for public transportation

The old solution recorded from 12 cameras at a time. We used multithreading to increase the performence of the system. It focused the resourced on the main task of recording. Additional features were placed in different threads which helped significantly with the performance.

The final product is able to record from 32 cameras at the same time. The average memory usage is about 25% to 50% on maximum load.



Project Scope

  • Dedicated application
  • OS



  • Transportation
  • Digital Signage
  • Microservices

E-ink display management system


We created a software to manage passenger content display on e-paper devices. The system allows remote content management of e-ink displays and the edition of the content directly on the app. Thanks to the e-ink solution the whole timetable display is energy efficient and sustainable.



Project Scope

  • Web development
  • Front-end
  • Backend
  • System integration



  • Transportation
  • Digital Signage
  • Microservices


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